Friday, February 23, 2007

Researching Light & Shadow

One of the preproduction parts very important for us, is the research.
It can take hours or even days but gives you visual vocabulary that increases a lot the artistic qualitity of the project.
We went to the amazing public library of Vienna, you can find everything here. To give you an idea, I found even portuguese books.

This time, our topic was Baroc, the light and shadow for "Two worlds". It´s amazing to see how these paintings influence the look of many films. Specially the realized artist, Rembrand with his paintings is used as reference by hundreds of cinematographers.

25 years of Sahaja Yoga in Austria

The weekend of 10 & 11/02 was the time to celebrate the aniversary of the Sahaja Yoga in the land of Astra.

After the ys seminar in the Winter´s house, the yuva shaktis worked hardly not only for the 25 year´s seminar it self but to make "Two worlds" come true. It was also the time to sell some Cds. ;)

"For us, it´s very symbolic that a country which suffered some strong attacks against the muladhara has such a beautiful collective that develops projects like "Two Worlds" to spread innocence."

"Two worlds" is a project that has been supported by the whole austrian collective. It´s impossible to imagine a film like this without the support of this strong sangha. Thanks a lot! ;)

img.1(on the top) While the shootings don´t start, the actor Niranjan waits anxiously the shooting days making some graphic design freelance work to put some weight in his budget.

img.2 Radha and the yuva shaktis were always on alert to fullfill the collective desire of having one "Primavera" CD.
img.3 Yeshi, producer of "Two Worlds" stops some seconds of his endeless work to smile for one paparrazzi.

img.4 Guru Oma Guru and songs of Cd "Primavera" in the entertaiment programme. photo of Björn.

The master of connections

For some time we had the problem "how to sell the Cds "Primavera" to the world", "how to inform people that our Cd exists?". We didn´t know one only needs to write to one person and through his "voice" Asia, America, Oceania, Europe and Africa would get to know about the Cd.

Even nowadays, people think he is a kind of web entity or a virtual yogui - this we don´t know. But after we sent the message to uncle Toni, the 5 continents ordered the "Primavera" Cd.

Here we would like to express our grattitude for his help that for him might have been a simple gesture but a simple gesture of the master of connections ... the world get to know! ;)

danke schön, uncle Toni!

English support

In the beggining of January, we received the support of the english yuva shakti, represented by Gautama Payment. It was the time to talk about technical details & production.

The day of 13/01 in Vienna was a quite unnexpected warm day for the european winter, 19º C. The sun was shining strongly while the english boy could see from the airplane the city of music slowly being revealed by the clouds. Wilkommen in Wien!

We had a lunch with the yuvas at our flat before we started the dialogue about "Two Worlds" that just finished at 5:00 PM of the next day. Very intense and productive I should say. ;)

Before Gautama went back London, he visited the YS arshram and took some "Primavera" Cds to be sold in England.

Thanks, YSUK! Thanks, Gautama!

1) In one of the rare moments without his Mac, Gautama quicly explained the global conflict scenario and the importance of having a Second Life.

2) More relaxed, with his Mac, Gautama cleans his feet on the white bear seconds before Madhu teleports himself home.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Music night in Stockerau

In the night of 3/11 took place the Launch of CD album "Primavera".
About 100 yogis enjoyed the meditation and the music performances, including tracks of the CD like "Drops of Love" and "The Road is Long".

We were surprised with the wonderful success of the event. We sold more than 100 Cds which means that everybody in the room bought at least one piece. Amazing! ;)

Enjoy the photos Leela took.

Mani, Elizabeth, Himanshu, Karli and me playing.

Talking about the story and its proposal. Translation in german by our producer, Yeshi.

follow a link for the wonderful work created by Mani, Elizabeth and Karli, the vienna feelharmony.

Monday, November 13, 2006

CD Album - Launch

V i e n n a :: 0 3/ 1 1 / 0 6

The projects to get the budget for Two Worlds already started.

The first launch is the 3rd edition of the CD Album "Primavera" with songs of sahaja yoguis from all over the world about the YSU film "In the Arms of Spring".

This time with a new track, the song "The Road is Long" of Emanuel and Elizabeth Schulz.

Check the ad we spread for the austrian collective.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Talking about

V i e n n a :: 0 1 / 1 0 / 0 6
6 hours inside the studio to record all interview with actors, producers and direction.

The objective of the video is to explain the essence of "Two Worlds" to the Sahaj collective . After all, it´s a film of we all.

Follow the preview:
1) Aradhana, art director, explains some details behind the visual of the angels.
2) Maria talks about Gabriella, the angel who just came from the School of Angels.
3) Rohit, one of the producers and Mirjam, our Valerie.
4) Niranjan very relaxed in front of the cameras.

5) Bunty, our advertisement boy.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Promotional video

V i e n n a :: 2 9 / 0 9 / 0 6
This sunday we are going to record our promotional video where we explain all the details about the production. The objective, the characters, the importance for the Yuva Shakti and more.
First we vote (me not) and then fly to Sonja´s studio! ;)

This is the second teaser poster of "Two Worlds". coming 2007.

Two Worlds - 6° meeting

V i e n n a :: 2 9 / 0 9 / 0 6
That´s me and Sonja (direction team in action) deciding how to shoot the outside scenes.
After the technical OK, now the actors will jump into the cold water of the Danub. ;) A very good scene for making of (Radha Gratz).

Angel costume

V i e n n a :: 2 9 / 09 / 0 6
After a long process of research and sketches, the art director Aradhana Schreuer developed a final layout for the angel´s costumes. "Two Worlds establishes a new vision upon the angels mytholgy, and that´s why we have more freedom to combine elements of different cultures together."


V i e n n a :: 2 9 / 0 9 / 0 6
The names keep on appearing. This time, Ambika Schreuer will be Julia, the girl Andrew falls in love.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Worlds - 5° meeting

V i e n n a :: 07/ 09 / 0 6

The first shooting calendar has been studied carefully by production and direction. "We have a lot of outside scenes and with the viennese weather we need to be very carefull. It can be warm in one day and in few days later become terribly cold" say one of the producers. "And at the same time we need to reherse with actors and make sure the art direction will have the costumes and objects ready in time."

The first shootings are planned for the end of this year.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two Worlds - 4° meeting

V i e n n a :: 2 3 / 0 8 / 0 6

The script is ready and the hard work started. After a lecture of the text with some explanations about the scenes, the teams were created for the production of "Two Worlds".

The 3 main characters found their faces. Niranjan will play Andrew, Mirjam will give life to Valerie and Maria will be Gabriella.
The shoots are planned for October.


In a world where angels live between men, Humanity passes for a deep and subtle transformation.
From the angelic school in Heaven they come, ready to face a new world and enlighten it. However in a world of illusions, some of them get lost, with their hearts torn in half … between Two Worlds.